This Is Our Story

We Are Thrive Financial Advisors

We are two individual advisors with unique life experiences and aligned values. Together, we have over 40 years of experience in financial planning, investment planning, corporate finance, and customer service, and we leverage that collective breadth of experience to generate results. We have an established reputation for helping our clients pursue their financial goals. But at a deeper level, we help them define what truly matters to them. We want our clients to not only succeed, we want them to thrive.

These Are Our Core Values

  • We believe no two people are alike. We value our similarities, and respect our differences.
  • We believe that our relationship begins with knowing our clients.
  • We practice integrity, honesty, and transparency. We value hard work.
  • We believe the best interest of our clients always comes first.
  • We know the importance of giving back, and are all involved in our community
  • We believe that realistic and relevant financial planning turn dreams and goals into opportunities.

This Is Our Process

thrive process

DISCOVER: Your hopes, dreams, needs, resources…What matters to you?

RECOMMEND: Your customized investment portfolio and wealth management services

IMPLEMENT: Initial paperwork, funding, timeline

REVIEW: Performance updates, portfolio adjustments, life changes

This Is Us

Diane Hinckley – Grit with a generous heart

I grew up in Texas in a family of cattle ranchers, so I am well acquainted with hardship, perseverance, and grit. I started my career in accounting and earned my CPA in Texas. After successfully battling breast cancer, I realized, I wanted…actually, I needed more meaningful work. So, I left the corporate world and entered the non-profit sphere.

After 25 years managing organizations’ finances, I decided to use my skills in a more direct and personal way. I bring a unique perspective based on my previous CPA and CFO experience. Now I’m excited to work directly with individuals and families. I believe that financial planning is a tool that allows people to confidently pursue their dreams and goals in life. And I’m honored and proud to be that catalyst.

I know that a financial practice that provides excellent customer service is better than one that sells products. And that personifies Thrive Financial Advisors. Working in a financial practice with Jim is an opportunity to align with a like-minded person and build a business with solid values.

I am privileged to have had a career that provided so many opportunities across the southern United States. Today, I am happy to have found my niche in St. Petersburg, FL working as an independent financial advisor and enjoying the sunshine, beaches, arts and culture with my wife and friends.


Jim Garrity – Defying the odds

I was born in downtown St. Petersburg to a less than ideal family situation. Changing schools three times between 1st and 2nd grade taught me to be adaptable, to think on my feet, and to make acquaintances. Thankfully, my grandparents stepped in and legally adopted me when I was 7. It was life-changing and life-defining for me. They opened their home and hearts, and gave me the stable foundation I was missing. I credit them for raising me, putting me through college, and developing me into the person I am today.

While getting my Finance Degree at the University of South Florida, I realized that I wanted to serve people by advising them on how to save and plan financially so they could have a sense of peace in retirement. Like my grandparents had done for me, I knew I wanted to help others build a stable foundation in their own lives.

I liked working for large companies like Charles Schwab and Morgan Stanley. But inside, I kept feeling like there was something more I could do for my clients.  So after many years with these firms, I decided I could provide a better experience and service to my clients by creating my own independent firm with LPL Financial.

Now, after looking back on my career which started in 1999, I realize how fortunate I am to be able to enjoy what I do; helping my clients feel financially secure, enjoying those I work with and spending quality time with my wife, son and our chocolate lab, Hunter. Life is good!

Rhonda Bracy – Mom Central

As a native New Yorker, it’s hard to believe it has been almost 20 years since I moved to Florida. But I have to confess, I’m doing fine without those New York winters. I’ve spent the majority of my career working administratively in law firms, and most recently for an estate planning attorney in beautiful St. Pete.

I joined this office in 2017, and appreciate the dynamic of this industry. I’m the team’s administrative “right hand”, so to speak, and have been described as the “Mom” of the group. That suits me just fine because I like making sure that things run smoothly for others—both the team and our clients—in whatever role is called for in that moment. And like the rest of our team, I find that truly caring in today’s business world seems to be rare. I’m so glad I have found like-minded people to work with, who value and care for our clients.

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